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All photos & videos have been taken by team members or colleagues and are the property of Access Underwater Ltd. They have been reproduced either with The Client's, The Subject's or The Photographer's permission.

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In 2010, we eagerly rallied all available resources and contacts to help a friend with a dream...


In 2011, we proudly accompanied the same passionate and talented film maker across the world to Fiji...


In 2017, friends and dreamers across the world will be stunned by a ground-breaking film that follows the journey of one man in pursuit of his childhood dream...


To meet the world's LARGEST bull sharks!


We are immensely proud.



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We are proud to announce that the First Choice Holidays advert that we supplied the diving, rigging, water safety and safety boat cover for has now gone LIVE!


Filmed in Mexico and Lake Coniston, Cumbria, we brought in renowned Stunt Coordinator Mark Lisbon to provide the stunt double for Martine Lervik who is the lead in the commercial, as well as his award-winning supervision throughout filming.


Well done to team member James Gibson on his first commercial shoot and Alex Varnals for another badge on his media diving Speedos! Great job guys!


We look forward to working with Blink Productions in the future!

Working with acclaimed underwater cameraman and Director of Photography Jason Bulley, we supplied diving safety, stunt support, underwater rigging & lighting services to help produce one of the most stunning visual sequences we've been envolved with in a commercial.


For Smirnoff Vodka "Purified" and featuring some familiar faces from Manchester United's amazing squad (circa 2011/12).


Agency: JWT Sydney
Director: Daniel Askill
Production Company: Collider
Post Production & VFX: Animal Logic


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