We are a specialist underwater, diving and confined space contractor with over 100 years combined commercial diving experience.
Our Diving & Confined Space Division offers the highest quality engineering, maintenance, repair and inspection services to the commercial swimming pools industry, whilst our Specialist Teams Division supplies highly experienced, Diving, Safety and Rescue Teams to television production companies, film sets & remote locations as well as IMCA/HSE-qualified Divers to salvage operations, offshore windfarms and the oil and gas fields of Africa, the Middle East and The North Sea.
Unmatched in the UK for the capability and diversity of experience of our passionate and dedicated workforce,  we are registered with the HSE as a Commercial Diving Contractor and are fully insured to provide an array of innovative diving and confined space; safety, engineering, maintenance, repair, refurbishment, technical and production services.


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Our Services.

Our service portfolio includes:


Commercial swimming pool services

Underwater servicing & maintenance.

Underwater repair & refurbishment.

Underwater tiling & grouting.

Moveable floor & boom servicing.

Steel wire rope inspection/replacement.

Confined space access (Balance Tanks etc).

Construction site diving support.

Underwater rigging.

Underwater welding.

Underwater inspection/condition reports.

Underwater video/photo surveys.

Underwater filming (TV/Film).

Water safety & media support.

Safety boat cover.

Swift water & flood rescue.

Offshore diving personnel.

Our Teams.

With a wealth of experience in commercial pool and waterparks engineering, oil and gas, renewable energies, salvage, civil engineering, media/television, and environmental projects, our teams are multi-skilled and highly experienced.

Many of our team members began their diving careers in the military, emergency services or construction/service industry and carry additional, complimentary qualifications in fabrication, engineering, advanced first aid, remote medicine, swift-water rescue, rope access, pyrotechnics and demolitions.


We offer a UK-wide service with fast reponse teams and an unparalelled skill set enabling us to operate in all weathers and aquatic environments.



Our Vision.

We aspire to be the gold standard in our industry and want our clients to feel completely at ease knowing that they are in the safest and most professional hands.

We enjoy close working relationships with all of our clients, who know we are completely

dedicated to the successful completion of their projects and will explore every possibility  in order to deliver solutions that are right for them individually.


Drawing from an impressive and diverse team of technicians and divers, we combine experience and practicality with honesty, passion and enthusiasm to exceed expectations and deliver results to the highest standard.




Access Underwater Ltd

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Kitting Up For A Dive

James dressing Alex in for a dive, waiting for the Standby Diver.